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15 Ashwood Dr Blenheim South Island 7201 New Zealand

In 2005 Na Clachan Wine Tours ran our first Marlborough Wine Tour. Our focus is not simply on providing guests with the opportunity to sample a variety of wines, but on sharing the stories, history, growing techniques, production methods and hints on food matching.  By the end of the day we want our guests not only to have had fun but also to have learned a little more about their own personal tastes and preferences in wine and to have broadened their wine tasting horizons.  Na Clachan’s Marlborough Wine Tour is truly a feast for all the senses. Great sights, aromas, tastes, stories and a close up encounter with the vines.


No two Marlborough Wine Tours with Na Clachan Wine Tours are the same as we endeavour to match winery visits with the requests or wine preferences of the day’s guests.  Requests may be for a particular winery, a grape variety, family owned wineries, wineries that export to a particular country, organic wineries….  We appreciate that most guests are visiting Marlborough as part of an extended trip and are unlikely to return in the near future.  It is important that the day’s itinerary includes their requests wherever possible. 

With pick up and drop off at all local accommodation providers, air conditioned transport and three tour options in our mini bus (10am-5pm with lunch at a winery, 12pm-5pm with lunch at a winery and 1pm-5pm). For something a little bit special a private tour in our Mercedes giving the options of a winery tour, food and wine match and working with Chris to fully define your tour. A tour with Na Clachan Wine Tours is the ideal way to experience the iconic Marlborough wine region in a relaxed, friendly environment.

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