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2 Rue Maurice Gilbert Boursault Champagne 51480 France

Champagne Château de Boursault is one of the only two champagnes “bottled at the château”.

In 1843, the Veuve Clicquot entrusted the architect Arveuf with the construction of the Château de Boursault. The "Grande Dame" of Champagne donated it to her daughter, wife of Louis de Chevigné, and to her granddaughter. The latter, Marie-Clémentine, received it as a dowry during her marriage to Louis de Rochechouart-Mortemart.

It was in 1927 that the Fringhian family became the owner of the Château de Boursault estate, where all the vines are present inside a stone wall. This "Clos" also contains the cellars, the press and the winery. The champagne is therefore entirely produced on the estate of the Château de Boursault: viticulture, press of the grapes, vinification, bottling, aging in the cellars of the castle, disgorging and dressing of the bottles before their setting in sale.

All this is done following an artisanal process that has now been preserved for four generations, in order to produce quality for rich and varied champagnes, favoring the freshness and finesse of the aromas, with the greatest respect for traditions and the environment.

It is a unique property where this family of passionate winegrowers has adopted the management of its terroir with a strong ecological awareness, which has earned Champagne Château de Boursault the double certification of Sustainable Viticulture and High Environmental Value in 2015.

The 3 traditional Champagne grape varieties make up this 13 hectare vineyard: Meunier reigns in abundance (50%), but it is also supported by Pinot Noir (30%), not to mention Chardonnay (20%).

2 Reviews

Isabella Arends

June 2021

Castle Cellars Tour and Tasting

We had a nice time with Max! Nice to know the story behind the chateau and his family. He really took his time and let us tast wonderful champagnes. When we’re in the neighborhood again, we will visit again. Thank you Max!

Philippe Zimmermann

June 2021

Tasting and Walk in the Estate