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Discover amazing wineries and wine tours in Uruguay

Uruguay is a breath of fresh air with miles of stunning beaches, green countryside, affluent colonial towns and extraordinarily diverse wine regions. There are more than 200 wineries in Uruguay, some over a hundred years old! Located in the southeast of South America and tucked between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay, with about 176,215 km², is the second smallest country in South America.


Wine holidays in Uruguay will surprise and delight every visitor who graces its land. It is best known for its unique grape variety, Tannat, which is now known as the healthiest red wine in the world. Not only will you be able to enjoy aged and prized wines when you arrive, but local winemakers obsessed with creating new styles and trying unique blends will show you exactly why Uruguay is a wine region not to be slept on.


It is the only country in South America entirely located outside the tropics, existing in temperate zones. Its growing conditions are comparable to France's world-class Bordeaux wine region.


Uruguay's best wine regions include Colonia, Maldonado, Salto and Rivera. Wine lovers who constantly strive to find star quality wines to please their palate should start planning their vineyard holidays in Uruguay now.