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Visit Casas del Bosque
Casablanca, Chile
Top 100 Vineyard private tour & tasting

From $67 Book

Visit Provence vineyards
Mendoza, Argentina
Discover the best sparkling wines in Mendoza
1.5 hrs

From 25€ Book

two hands holy grail
Barossa Valley, Australia
The search for the holy grail begins here
1.5 hrs

From $150 Book

Wine tasting & gourmet picnic in Lavaux vineyards
Lavaux, Switzerland
Wine tasting & gourmet picnic in Lavaux vineyards
Full day

From 195CHF Book

Visit Santorini Wineries
Santorini, Greece
Santorini Private Tour with Wine-Tasting

Full day

From 700€ Book

Book champagne tour
Champagne, France
Sabrage and tasting at Champagne Comtesse Lafond
1 hr

From 60€ Book

Visit wineries in Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy
Chianti, Super Tuscan and light lunch Tour with San Gimignano
Full day

From 125€ Book

Visit Wineries in Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
E-bike, Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting, Sailing Experience from Barcelona
Full day

Group 149€ Book

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What our travellers are saying

  • Direct Wine Sale Solutions
    5 star winery

    Highly recommend

    Really friendly and very informative. The guide clearly knows a lot on the subject and was happy and able to field all the questions. Highly recommend.

    - Ross Duncan

    Balfour Winery - Cellar Door Tasting Masterclass
    Wine Gardens of England, UK

  • Direct Wine Sale Solutions
    5 star winery

    Relax & taste away!

    What a fabulous concept 3 Wineries in one location so you can sit and relax and taste away!

    - Angie Gibson

    Bondar Wines - Cellar Door Tasting
    McLaren Vale, Australia

  • Direct Wine Sale Solutions
    5 star winery

    Tasting was absolutely brilliant

    Tasting was absolutely brilliant. We tasted both the sparkling and stills. We had multiple hosts, all of which were extremely professional and very friendly. Staff went above and beyond answering our questions about the wine and vineyard and even allowed us to taste some very old vintages that had been opened for others.

    - Emma O'Niell

    Clover Hill - Tasting of Clover Hill Sparkling Wines
    Piper's River Tasmania, Australia

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