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La Pomme D’or Beaumont-de-Pertuis Rhone Valley 84120 France

Beauvence is a domain which stretches over 30 hectares in Beaumont de Pertuis, a little village perched on a rocky spur dominated by an 11th century church, close to Aix en Provence.

Far from the hustle and bustle. Just vine and olive clad valleys and, standing in front of the 19th Century domain house, a 400-year-old holm oak. As a giant Bonsaï, it's a natural work of art. Our holm oak is testimony to the richness of this land. Naturally, it became our Symbol.

Today, Beauvence is recognized by the best Chefs, as one of the best Rosé Wine in Provence, light, dry, aromatic, straight. Our white and red wines are also on their wine list.


Beauvence basks in record sunshine: more than 300 days of sun per year.

The 10 hectares of vines and 1,400 olive trees are planted at an altitude of 400m. Here, the grapes and olives soak up the heat of the day and enjoy the coolness of the night.

The soil on the gently sloping hills is clay-limestone, ideal for draining off water and retaining oligo-elements. It’s no coincidence that before us, the Romans, Phoceans and even the Greeks from Rhodes had already chosen the region of Pertuis to cultivate vines and olive trees.

We strive to preserve the natural balance of the soil.

Beauvence is HVE certified (High Environmental Value, level 3) by the France Ministry of Agriculture, a certification still rare in France which rewards Farms which, in addition to being Organic Certified, take particular care of their ecosystem: we practice sustainable agriculture known as “Conservation Agriculture practices”: permanent grassing between the rows of vines to develop the ecosystem (insects, soil life, etc.) and in the olive grove, nesting boxes for birds, 20 beehives, agri forestry, Multi-crops (fruit trees, 1400 olive trees, Lavender field, etc.), and without any irrigation system: only Nature, without embellishment!

We are also certified V Label, that is to say 100% vegetable, Vegan therefore.

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