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winery OTA Channel Manager

Connect to over 10,000 OTA's

Connect to 10,000+ of resellers to increase your reservations without making an effort,

Connect to our OTA channel manager

With VinTrail Pro OTA channel manager, you can boost your reservations by up to 300%. Connect to our platform to reach over 10,000 resellers in realtime, including major players such as Get Your Guide, Viator, Expedia,, and many others. Your activities will have maximum exposure to potential customers.

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How can you benefit from using OTA channel manager?

An OTA channel manager is a must-have tool for wineries and tour operators looking to boost their online visibility, generate more bookings and revenue, and stay ahead in the digital age.

Streamline your operations

Reach a wider audience

Take data-driven decisions

Here are some of the core reasons why an OTA channel manager should be a part of your development strategy.

Direct Wine Sale Solutions

Increased Visibility

Increase your visibility to a vast audience of customers. With more people able to find and access your tours and activities, you can significantly boost your brand awareness and customer base.

winery OTA Channel Manager

Increased Bookings

Increase your bookings by reaching a wider audience of customers who are looking to purchase original experiences. By expanding your distribution channels through an OTA, you can attract more customers and increase revenue.

Global Wine Sale Solutions


An OTA can eliminate the need for costly marketing and advertising campaign.

Leveraging its scope can help businesses reach a wider audience without heavy advertising investment.

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Simplified Reservation Process

An OTA channel manager simplifies the booking process by handling all aspects, saving wineries time and money. The fully automated process requires no assistance and includes customer inquiries, availability confirmation, reservation, and agenda updating.

Agent Booking Solutions

Improved Brand Awareness

Listing experiences on an OTA can increase brand awareness, recognition, and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses with limited visibility.

Effective pricing strategy

Adopting the right pricing strategy is crucial for profitability when using an OTA due to fees ranging from 15-30% of the total booking value, this can impact your profit margins. With the right approach, businesses can benefit from an influx of new customers without compromising their profitability.

Agent Booking Solutions

Strategic pricing can offset OTA fees and increase exposure.

Boosting visitor numbers can increase your wine sales and, in turn, offset the costs of OTA fees. This can be achieved through targeted internal marketing efforts, such as special promotions or packages through your Wine Club to encourage repeat visits, more direct sales and increased customer loyalty.

An OTA is an excellent solution for wineries seeking to increase bookings and sales, simplify reservation processes, and improve marketing strategies. Utilizing the fixed cost of customer acquisition approach offered by an OTA can lead to higher ROI and business growth in the competitive wine tourism industry.

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