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Free Membership Management Solutions

Growing your winery memberships has never been easier with our electronic payments and connected digital solutions to help manage, automate and drive your member offers, bookings, events and sales to develop sustained growth.

Why offer Winery Memberships?

No monthly subscription plan; no commitment.

Pay only for the memberships we help you sell.

Upgrade to the all-inclusive 'Exceptional Growth' plan when it starts saving you money.

What are the benefits?

Long-term sales

The average winery member remains 31 months & purchases five cases of wine. The average visitors rarely buys more than a few bottles.

Convert a guest into a member

You can sign up winery members at the winery after an experience & turn an occasional visitor into a repeat customer.

Steady long-term growth

The average winery converts 6% of visitors into members. By using our automated membership solutions, this can rise to over 10%.

36% of DTC sales

36% of direct to consumer sales are generated through winery memberships. This is a sector that is steadily growing year on year.

Average membership

Australia: 76% of wineries have 100 members ~ 36% over 500.
United States: 91% of wineries have 100 members ~ 63% over 500.

Build a community

An exclusive winery membership builds a sense of community & brand loyalty when connected to exclusive events & offers.

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VinTrail Solutions Exclusive Winery Memberships is the ultimate tool to help build the foundations for steady long-term growth.

How does it work?

Online winery booking systems

Conversion Solutions

The solutions to help convert visitors into exclusive winery members.

Promote Winery Memberships during the online booking process.

Track staff sales & reward them using incentives.

Target international visitors with the global sales solutions.

CRM automated emails play on nostalgia to convert guests well after their visit.

Direct Wine Sale Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Flexibility is essential for members to find the right option.

Offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual & annual subscriptions.

Define the countries where each Winery Membership is sold.

Increase discounts with subscription frequency.

Offer different sizes & selections.

Online winery booking systems

Automated Solutions

An automated system simplifies the workload of running your exclusive winery memberships.

Recurring membership payments.

Automated reminders of upcoming payments & deliveries.

Members can book & purchase directly at member prices.

Agent Booking Solutions

Exclusive Solutions

Build a sense of belonging & brand loyalty

Offer discounted & exclusive tours.

Access to back vintages & exclusive member cuvées.

Invite to exclusive member events & e-tasting.

Vendez le vins dans le monde

Management Solutions

Aggregate member information to get a better understanding.

Easy to set up & maintain.

Track members visits, sales & e-tastings.

Reward leading members with additional private offers.

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Building your community and brand loyalty is easy using the VinTrail Exclusive Winery Membership solutions.

Start the membership growth process free today. Pay a commission only on the memberships we help you sell.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll be sending hundreds of regular cases of wine to members throughout the world.

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