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White label tasting webapp

Animate your wine tastings while capturing customer data and tasting notes for precision retargeting.

Your Smart Winery Tastings App

The Smart Winery Tastings web app is designed for wineries to gain useful insight. It offers a fun way for visitors to rate and review wines during tastings while providing wineries with valuable customer details and preferences data to personalise recommendations and offers.

The app provides visitors with the ability to purchase wines during and after their experience. Additionally, visitors can use the app to book new experiences, join your Wine Club, or adopt a vine for themselves or as a gift, helping to increase sales.

The Smart Winery Tastings app helps wineries enhance the customer experience and tailor marketing efforts to better suit their customers' needs.

  • Winery Tasting App
  • Winery Tasting App
  • Winery Tasting App
  • Winery Tasting App
  • Winery Tasting App
  • Winery Tasting App
Enhanced tasting experience

Create lasting visitor experiences by adding a fun and playful element to your tasting.

Capture visitor emails

Efficiently collect email addresses from all your visitors, including walk-ins, guided tours, and group bookings.

Collect visitor data

Collect your visitors' and members' tasting data to provide personalised recommendations and offers even after their visit.

Gain customer insight

Gain valuable insights into your visitors' wine preferences and dislikes to inform your long-term winemaking decisions.


Tasting insight

Collect data on all your wines to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' preferences and dislikes. Analyse tasting reviews from all visitors for each wine, and use aggregated results to gain insights into overall perception. Use this information to make informed decisions about long-term production.


Individual Data Collection

Our platform allows you to collect individual data on visitors' wine preferences. This information is saved within their profile, providing a better understanding of your customers, which can be used to improve customer retention and drive sales through more targeted marketing campaigns.


Boost sales

Your app seamlessly integrates with your wine sales, experiences, gift vouchers, wine club, and adopt-a-vine program, making it easy for customers to purchase them for personal use or as gifts.

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