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Advanced wine tourism software made easy

Automated and synchronised reservation management tools allow you to increase the offers and times you make available to help boost your bookings while effortlessly controlling the flow of guests for you.

Convert your guests into long-term customers.


Benefits of booking software

Increase visibility & traffic

Regulate customer flow to improve service & increase sales.

Capture high-quality visitor data.

Visitors prefer to book in online.

Visitors that book online spend more.

Winery Booking System

VinTrail SaaS at a glance

Take online bookings 24/7 directly from your website.

Free onboarding & website set up

Automate & synchronise reservations

Multiple payments options.

Consolidate reservations in your agenda.

Convert your guests in members.


Booking Requests

Email notifications allow you to directly confirm, cancel or reschedule.

No commitment. Just accept the reservations you want.

Free to use, pay only a small commission on accepted reservations.

The commission is taken automatically only when the booking is finalised. Guests pay the remainder at the winery.

Track where bookings come from.

Digitally managed synchronised experiences

A digital assistant allows you to manage multiple experiences and languages simultaneously while synchronising them within your agenda.

Online Winery Bookings

Exclusive synchronised experiences

Offer multiple experiences, tours, & languages at the same time. When one is booked the others are automatically close, while the secured experience & language can remain open for further bookings or close entirely for VIP options.

Offer multiple experiences at every timeslot

Increased choices & flexibility lead to increased bookings

No additional staff needed

Don't miss bookings by limiting availability


Non-exclusive synchronised experiences

Offer multiple experiences at the same time within a limited space without overbooking. Guests within a group can select different tasting options or experiences within one reservation.

Offer multiple experiences in a limited area

Allow groups to choose different experiences

By increasing your offerings, you increase your potential audience and reservations.


Connect privatised VIP experiences

Demand for privatised visits and personalised experiences has massively increased due to COVID. Stay ahead of the game and start offering them today!

COVID conscious private bookings are in demand.

Private visits can be offered alongside your other experiences.

Target affluent guests willing to spend more

Create tailored VIP experiences

Online Winery Bookings

Website booking integrations.

Add your booking system to your websites & social media

Perfectly dynamic & colour co-ordinated

Simple coding makes it easy to plug-in

Extremely adaptable & easy to integrate booking systems into a website.

Discover Different Integrations
online reservations diary

Online reservations diary

Add phone & email bookings manually

Never overbook with easy set maximums

Register walk-ins to easily add their contact details your database.

Add customer notes and save for future reference.

Fast rebooking of database guests

Edit details or change dates when needed

Fully-mobile to add booking anywhere, anytime.

Upsell Add-ons

Upsell using Add-ons

The potential to increase revenue by suggesting additional offers & upgrades with every booking is limited only by your imagination.

Generate additional revenue before guests even enter your doors.

Connect add-ons to selected experiences.

Presell cases of wine or wine selections.

Add tasting plates, premium upgrades, picnic baskets, special menus, etc...

Promote and sign-up wine club memberships.

Visitor Data Capture

Increase Visitor Data Capture

*82% of wineries attempt to collect email addresses, but find it difficult to achieve much success.

*Cellar doors are only managing to capture an average of 3% of visitor data.

*An increase from a base of 3% to 5% conversion rate would result in a rise of 20% in wine club revenue.

Every booking you take offers a simple visitor data capture, which will easily double your sign-up rates.

*Wine Australia Cellar Door Report 2019

Personalised notifications

Personalised notifications

Add your Policies & News to all automated booking confirmation and reminder emails in the language selected.

Personalise your emails

Emails are sent in the selected tour language.

Keep guests updated with all essential policies & news

Inform guests of any upcoming events

Add links to external websites


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