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Amplify your wine region with a unified approach

Our digital solutions can turn your website into a proactive regional booking system, a global wine sales channel and a virtual wine fair while offering you the option to generate new revenue streams.


Core benefits

  • Better target national and international tourists and help guide them through your region
  • Facilitate visitor planning & bookings to incite a longer stay and a more meaningful experience
  • A regional wine marketplace to sell wines direct to the consumer and open export channels
  • Virtual Wine Fairs will expand and open a region's reputation to global businesses and public
  • Increase regional winery digital capabilities to help them better attract, connect and sell
  • Collect analytical data to enhance and promote the region through retargeting opportunities

Unified Solutions

Extend the reach of your region or wine route using our exclusive omnichannel while generating new revenue streams, which can be funnelled back into infrastructure and targeting new visitors.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

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  • Confirm and login
  • Invite all your wineries to join for free
  • Add the regional integrations you need

VinTrail Regions

Create a Proactive Website

Plugin our free geolocated booking integrations into your website to effortlessly gain a dynamic winery booking solution that helps visitors search, plan and book all their regional visits and tours.

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Intranet reservations

Your tourist offices, hotels and agents can connect in real-time to check the availability of registered wineries and instantly make reservations for their clients. Digitise how you help and engage tourists in your region to strengthen your services, increase visitor spending and help make their stay more memorable.


New Revenue Streams

All our integrations offer a chance to charge a small commission for each booking and wine sale or hosting a regional Wine Fair.

Why not create your own regional Wine Club offering handpicked selections from your local wineries?

Wine Marketplace

A regional marketplace can be added to your website to help consumers and businesses discover the local wines and purchase them directly from the winery using our global sales solutions.

It also offers a direct channel for importers to instantly connect and request more information.

Virtual Wine Fair

Host Your Wine Fair

Our regional Wine Fair integration with real tastings delivers a BtoB and BtoC focal point to promote your region's wineries and wines. E-tasting miniature 2cl samples can be sent to customers and businesses throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of a 750ml bottle.

The global pandemic has changed the way you need to target and connect with your customers.

Data & Analytics

You can track all bookings and sales in real-time and generate reports from your independent CMS. You can also increase your regional visitor data capture to promote future marketing campaigns, news and upcoming events.

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