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VinTrail redefines the way we access, taste and buy your wines.

Not everyone can make it to your winery, so it's time to reach beyond your cellar door into a global market to find new business partners and customers.


We resize your wines into 2cl samples to send to consumers & businesses to taste, discover then buy.


Marketing & promotional channels help you connect & sell to new global markets.


All-inclusive packaging & worldwide distribution solutions make easy work of the logistical demands.

What are the benefits?


Wines are rebottled using a patented process that transforms a standard bottle into 36 x 2cl samples with perfectly preserved structure and flavours.

Packed into boxes adapted for 1 to 12 samples, they are perfectly adapted for global shipping and significantly reduce the costs involved.



Winelovers throughout the world can purchase your tasting packs and have them delivered directly to their door. Complement them with tasting notes, tasting videos links or set up virtual tastings using online bookings.

Target new winelovers using the VinTrail e-tasting marketplace

Wine Club

Create special packs for your Wine Club members and offer exclusive prerelease virtual tastings.

Attract new members to your Wine Club or remind past members just how good your wines are.

Take advantage of virtual tastings to sign up new members to your wine-loving community.


business to business

Connect with our database of over 20,000 global wine businesses looking for new products to add to their portfolio, winelist, or stock their shelves.

Select the types of business and the countries that can request a sample box. You can choose whether to accept the request or not.

wine fair

VinTrail's e-tasting marketplace and wine fair is the most cost-effective promotional solution for expanding your presence globally to a database of over 20,000 wine professionals.

Grow your worldwide brand appeal to gain a new following of wine professionals and wine lovers.

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"I can show my wines to more people

Virtual tastings help us to connect with professionals and wine consumers in a way that wasn't possible before."
Axel Lebard
Domaine des trois Orris

Extend your reach in 6 easy steps

Join Us

VinTrail is an online wine community of consumers & professionals. Every one can join! There is no engagment & it's free to use.

Your winery page

Set up your winery page & share your story with the community. It's easy to sell vineyards visits & sell wine from your page.

Subscribe to e-tastings

Activate your e-tasting marketplace stand with a 300€ deposit. Select & connect the cuvées you want to promote in your tasting packs.

Start connecting

Commence taking sample requests from businesses while also preselling your packs for private & virtual tastings to wine lovers.

Time to resize

Send us bottles of the cuvées you need resized & repacked. Provide labelling information and documentation for the presentation.

Packed & shipped

At the end of each month, you review & finalise the number of packs required for direct shipping to your customers worldwide.


Get started today to receive an additional 36 tasting packs free.

Order a minimum of 72 tasting packs and we’ll add an extra 36 tasting packs absolutely free.

Send samples worldwide for as little as 4€, Europe for less than 3.50€ and France for under 3€ a cuvée.

Reach 36 potential buyers in multiple different markets with every bottle while reducing the costs involved.

Included within our rates:

  • Dedicated support team
  • Hosted winery webpage
  • Wine fair & marketplace listing -
  • BtoC sales solutions - e-tastings + virtual tastings
  • BtoB sample request solutions
  • Continuous 3 months of requests & sales
  • Connected international wine sales - BtoB & BtoC
  • Cork taint testing
  • Resizing & tasting packs

Our rates

Our introductory offer is included in our rates below
All prices in
36 Packs 72 Packs 108 Packs 144 Packs 180 Packs
1 cuvée per pack 21.42/sample 12.71/sample 8.47/sample 7.35/sample 7.10/sample
2 cuvée per pack 12.75/sample 8.21/sample 5.47/sample 4.60/sample 4.29/sample
3 cuvée per pack 10.97/sample 6.43/sample 4.29/sample 3.69/sample 3.36/sample
4 cuvée per pack 5.76/sample 3.84/sample 3.13/sample 2.80/sample
5 cuvée per pack 5.18/sample 3.45/sample 2.87/sample 2.54/sample
6 cuvée per pack 4.93/sample 3.29/sample 2.70/sample 2.36/sample
7 cuvée per pack 3.17/sample 2.52/sample 2.24/sample
8 cuvée per pack 3.08/sample 2.44/sample 2.14/sample
9 cuvée per pack 3.02/sample 2.37/sample 2.07/sample


Let us take care of your logistical requirements, including packaging, customs and shipping.
France EU World
Size 1-3 cuvées 3.60 9.00 11.80
Size 4-6 cuvées 4.60 9.00 11.80
Size 7-9 cuvées 4.80 11.88 15.20

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